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Learn To Write a Persuasive Copy That Sells | Super Magnetic Sales Copy That Converts – YouTube

Learn To Write a Persuasive Copy That Sells | Super Magnetic Sales Copy That Converts – YouTube

Hey there whazzup, Tridib here and you are watching a brand new Vlog of Learnwithtridib.

I have been part of various Affiliate marketing hubs as well as I have seen many marketers struggling to get leads and conversion. Many of them have shiny object syndrome and get attracted to various new-age platforms, Funnel creating tools, various ways of getting quick leads, ‘converted local leads’ etc. And fall prey to constantly buying one after another product which they hardly use.

If you ask me, to be honest selling is not easy. If you feel you have a nicely done funnel, you have a good budget to spend on social and search and expect leads to pour in from day one, then my friend, you are living in a fools paradise. Selling needs persuasion, selling needs a lot of convincing, a lot of trusts (social proof), and some level of urgency. This can only be done with a proper copy but the challenge is that it is an art as well as a science to writing a persuasive copy that sells.

By now, you must have already guessed the topic of today’s video. Yes, it is an easy guide to learn to write persuasive copy that sells.
Well, my friends I will forewarn you that I am not a copywriter though my first fictional Novel S. O. U. L has become #1 best seller on Amazon. You can purchase my book from the link mentioned in the description. I am more of a storyteller than copywriter. But I am pretty good in writing Sales Copy that actually converts.
In this video I will take you through some rule of thumbs that will give you the initial push to deep dive and start writing copy that sells.

A clear Disclaimer before I jump into this subject. First of all, the processes that I will tell you is absolutely NOT mine as I have told I am NOT a copywriter, however, I have been greatly influenced by various stalwart copywriters who writes amazing Sales Copies and all my learnings are based on their teachings. There is no qualms in accepting that I have learnt everything by closely following their tips and their secrets. Today, I will open up their secrets in front of you, but at a basic level keeping in mind their sales should not get affected. You have to purchase their book and watch their videos for in depth knowledge.

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I will teach you a mixed process (which is mine) taking the best points from various gurus and present you with a simplistic style that works.

The simplistic 6 steps building blocks is called P. A. S. T. O. R built by my guru Ray Edwards author of the book that goes by the name How To Write Copy That Sells. It is a brilliant book. You can purchase the book from Amazon, the link is in the description below. Not only that with that book you get a lot of templates worth $197 absolutely FREE.

Okay, so let’s understand P. A. S. T. O. R.


Let’s start with the first letter. P stands for problems or pain points. What is or are the problems that you are going to solve for your potential buyers. Your Heading and Subheading should establish that very clearly. Say you are an artist and you want to sell your art to a potential Art buyer from your landing page or funnel. What will your copy say? It can be, Now get rid of your boring walls!
And then you define it. Like, Are you are bored staring at your plain Jane wall? Are you looking to bring happiness, balance, and brightness to your mundane life? you need to bring colors to your walls. (This is just an example. )
The next stage is A for Amplify. Here, you explain to the potential buyer what cost they will pay if they didn’t get this solved. Like if you ignore/delay it, it can get worse. Always remember it is extremely important to establish this step. As the old saying goes ‘people will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.’ As Alex Cattoni (another favorite personality) says about the S hook of Story – Science, and Supposition. However, she explained that in the Indoctrination stage which comes even before the problem stage in her method. But for our process, I suggest bring this to the Amplify stage. Remember, in the Amplify stage you are just amplifying the consequences and NOT solving Problems. That, you will do in your next step.
S that stands for Story or Solution. Here you try to build up a story, how you achieved the benefits or people whom you know achieved the benefits. How their problems were addressed. Tell them how you found the answer or how your product or solution solved the problem.
Next comes T or testimony. It is like it worked for them, it will work for you. Let the users or patrons say their stories, how your product/ service solved their problems.
Now, once you have established the benefit, it is your turn to offer your products and services to them.
Step O. Remember, your offer are always the benefits and not the physical good or service. Many people make a mistake here. It is always what are your paintings benefits. And not that you will be providing them a Canvas of so and so size painted with Acrylic ink. Hope you understood the drift.
After O comes the last step R or Response. This is where the user takes the Call To action. Wherefrom they can buy the product or services or what they can do to acquire the product and services.

Please remember, there is no skipping any one of the steps. All have to be followed. And usually in that sequences.
I would like to mention two extremely important elements that act as catalysts in a buying process a) a social proof, You must have seen that in many e-commerce sites or sales funnel often a small ticker or popup floats up from the left bottom side of the page that shows that a person from your location just purchased the product or service. What this does is gives you comfort as a buyer that you are not alone purchasing this product, you are not the first person, there are similar people who are also purchasing the same product or service. b) urgency/scarcity: Where you create a pseudo situation of more demand than supply. A restriction like only 15 people allowed in class, only one product left, or only 2 tickets left. If done right it can work wonder without being like pushy.

Another thing that works great if you are trying an absolute niche product or service in the market and there is a need to establish a trust that the end-user has nothing to lose, you can try putting a risk reversal component in your sales letter or funnel page. Like a 30 days return guarantee. No question asked etc. That immediately brings trust in the mind of the buyer that you are so confident with your product.

Apart from the set 6 steps process always understand. Your copy should ooze confidence but never over-promise. That might backfire badly and hurt your product before it is launched, Let me give you an example. Suppose you go to a doctor A and he says to try these three pills and I think you will be ok. Or you go to a doctor who says I am giving you just 3 pills and you have to take these thrice a day and come back after a week, I am sure you will be fit by then. Which doctor you will choose? Or reply more? Obviously the B-one right? That’s persuasive copywriting. As John E . Kennedy said, Copywriting is simply salesmanship in print. (now in digital mode)

So, That’s all folks. If you have liked the video please like, share, and comment on the video. If you are new to this channel, please subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon so that you can get notifications of all our upcoming updates. I would like to see great copies from all of you who want to sell their product or services through a landing page or sales funnel. Remember, Funnel or the page is just a facilitator. The main important part is a) The confidence YOU have in your product or services b) The persuasive copy that will force users to purchase your product immediately.

With that note, stay safe and goodbye till we meet again.

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