Rapid Video Creation- Videos that Engage – inVideo

Rapid Video Creation- Videos that Engage – inVideo

Being a Youtuber and an influencer is so much fun. Isn’t it? You can feel the power as a creator. You get the adrenalin rush when you conceive a new product ( a video or a post) and dish it out to your followers and subscribers who wait eagerly for your latest uploads.

Well, once his uncle advised a teenager Peter Parker a.k.a our friendly neighborhood Spiderman that, “With Great Power Comes Great responsibility”. True to the words of the noble gentleman, an influencer has a huge responsibility for their followers. Hence, it becomes extremely important to roll out quality posts or videos every time. Else, you will find your subscribers dropping or you are losing your followers. But many times we have to rush with our productions right?

Let me share a small incident that happened a couple of days back. Well, I forgot to tell you that I have recently published my fiction, called S.O.U.L ( Stories Of Ur Life) which thanks to my stars became #1BestSelling novel on Amazon. Ok.ok. Let’s cut the carp. Sorry for bragging. Let’s get back to the story. I was supposed to get interviewed by a book-critic-guild and, I was already on my way to the studio. Mid-way I suddenly get a call from this book reviewer asking me for a promotional video to be sent to her within half an hour. That was a last-minute decision they took. And, I was clean bowled. Usually, I create all my videos, and edit with either Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere and believe me it is extensive editing. It requires huge resources like high processing speed, higher RAM capacity, and super-powered Graphics cards. And here, I am stuck in my car just with a Mac Book Pro, which luckily I was carrying in my car.

I opened my Mac and was staring blankly at the screen absolutely clueless what to do when it suddenly stuck to me that I have a Business License of inVideo App. And by God’s grace, that day, luck was with me. I started searching for some images of my novel inside some scattered folders on the laptop. I found some good images, and some I downloaded from my Facebook account. I powered on my inVideo App and logged in.

I frantically searched for “book promotion” templates and inVideo threw up a good number of templates. I was spoilt for choices. As time was running out, I quickly selected the best one which I felt at that time and started placing my images and texts. It exactly took 15 mins to create the video from start to finish. Yes, I am not exaggerating. And, once I am done, I gave to render. Usually, a video rendering takes a lot of time and I was a bit skeptical if a cloud renderer can render it fast and in HD quality. But then came the biggest surprise. The entire 60 sec HD video got cloud rendered in 5 mins flat.


No sooner I was trying to give a pat on my back and marveling this beauty of an app, I get a call from the same organizer that now they plan to share the same video on multiple platforms and various screen sizes. I started negotiating with them that this should have been told to me earlier and how come they are so un-prepared and taking last-minute calls. But, people in our industry know, how things happen in an ad-hoc manner.

Grumbling and cursing them in my mind, I even thought once to cancel the interview and return home, but before doing so, I wanted to give it a try. Suddenly, the light-bulb moment occurred to me. I remembered that inVideo gives the option to create the same video in multiple sizes. And without much ado, I started speed creating the same video in multiple sizes, and in almost no time I was able to create the video in multiple formats for all platforms and share them with the organizers.

Forget the relief I achieved, I was pleasantly smiling in myself seeing the awed faces of the organizing team. They were pleasantly flabbergasted, by my super-speed revert to their demand. Really that time inVideo saved the day. Since then on various occasions, inVideo saved me with Quick and Quality, Urgent video deliveries. At present, I am a super-user of inVideo and I congratulate myself every time for making the decision to subscribe inVideo.

For those who are in the Video-Marketing field must have heard about this online App, for others, inVideo looks like any other online template-driven Video creation App, that can help anyone create videos easily. However, in the core it has an AI-driven mechanism that helps you chose the best template for your project, it auto-corrects flaws in the video, suggest the best audio and text templates for the video and hold your breath, the AI is so strong that it can even suggest a video template for your Blogs.

Surprised? You must try out the FREE online version if you don’t believe my words, and if you are convinced, you can try out the Business or Unlimited plan as low as 10$/month.

You can try out or purchase inVideo from here



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Change Your Office for just $14 (as low as 1000 INR)

Change Your Office for just $14 (as low as 1000 INR)

Let us be absolutely clear that this Lockdown, Semi-lock down, or No lockdown ( for specific days) situation is going to stay. We have to live with it.

The scare of Pandemic and business hitting all-time low has made people move out from their rented offices or shared spaces in a huff. The shared spaces or rented office spaces had no other options but to either close business or take excessive precaution albeit with an exorbitant rise in rent charges.

And then came the decisions of various governments not to push employees to work in the office premises but groom them to a new working style i.e. Working from home. I won’t say the extremely cliche term work from home has become the new normal, but whether I want it or not, Work From Home is here to stay. Whether we like it or not, the Office has entered our bedroom. However, home is home. It has its own aura and own setting. Hence it has become a major issue in various cases that people do not want to turn on their Video just because they do not want to show their home background.

Hence, most of the Zoom, Microsoft team of Google meetings seems like talking to the wall, where we cannot see the face of the opposite person.

Well, as we always agree that necessity is the mother of all creation and challenges only brings out business opportunities. Think over a possibility when you can change your working environment, well every day, or maybe every minute? Sounds just impossible right? If I now say that it cost as low as only $14? Well, you might think the pandemic has taken over me.

Not at all. heybackgrounds.goaffpro.com
has come up with a unique solution that literally made me sit up and take notice. I couldn’t resist but had to write this blog.

Heybackgound has started with an awesome solution of presenting you with a collection of unique backgrounds for all your Zoom Calls, Microsoft Team Calls, or Google Meetings. And it just comes at a ONE TIME price of INR 1000 ( $14) plus taxes.

5 steps of design thinking

Sounds exciting right? I have always felt any product or services, however, small it might be if it solves people’s problems, it is the best product. You take money from me. 

I think organizations can also try and share these backgrounds to their employees so that they can use them while on call. 

So, no more hesitation to turn on the video or not. Use these wonderful backgrounds and take your calls from anywhere in the world. Literally.

Kill on sight, Kill on Sight, Kill on Sight

Looking for a professional background for your Conference calls? Worry not.

Get it here:  

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