Convert Your Dull Videos to Film Quality Videos with Color Grading in Adobe Premiere [NEW TECHNIQUE]

Convert Your Dull Videos to Film Quality Videos with Color Grading in Adobe Premiere [NEW TECHNIQUE]

Hi guys, this is Tridib and you are watching a brand new episode of Learn with Tridib.

In the last few weeks, many of my subscribers actually shared their problem of achieving very dull or pale-colored videos using either DSLR or mobiles and requested me if I can help them make their videos better. Well, let me be extremely clear from the beginning that a badly shot video cannot be made better. Period. However, the dullness or paleness of the video can definitely be made better by an easy and awesome technique called Color Grading. In this video, I will use Adobe Premiere to show you how to use Color Grading techniques to bring life to your mundane videos.

But before we deep dive kindly like, share, and comment on the video if you find it important and you are going to use this technique in your future videos. And if you are new to this channel kindly subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon so to get notifications of all our upcoming updates.
So without much ado let’s get started.

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Learn To Write a Persuasive Copy That Sells | Super Magnetic Sales Copy That Converts – YouTube

Learn To Write a Persuasive Copy That Sells | Super Magnetic Sales Copy That Converts – YouTube

Hey there whazzup, Tridib here and you are watching a brand new Vlog of Learnwithtridib.

I have been part of various Affiliate marketing hubs as well as I have seen many marketers struggling to get leads and conversion. Many of them have shiny object syndrome and get attracted to various new-age platforms, Funnel creating tools, various ways of getting quick leads, ‘converted local leads’ etc. And fall prey to constantly buying one after another product which they hardly use.

If you ask me, to be honest selling is not easy. If you feel you have a nicely done funnel, you have a good budget to spend on social and search and expect leads to pour in from day one, then my friend, you are living in a fools paradise. Selling needs persuasion, selling needs a lot of convincing, a lot of trusts (social proof), and some level of urgency. This can only be done with a proper copy but the challenge is that it is an art as well as a science to writing a persuasive copy that sells.

By now, you must have already guessed the topic of today’s video. Yes, it is an easy guide to learn to write persuasive copy that sells.
Well, my friends I will forewarn you that I am not a copywriter though my first fictional Novel S. O. U. L has become #1 best seller on Amazon. You can purchase my book from the link mentioned in the description. I am more of a storyteller than copywriter. But I am pretty good in writing Sales Copy that actually converts.
In this video I will take you through some rule of thumbs that will give you the initial push to deep dive and start writing copy that sells.

A clear Disclaimer before I jump into this subject. First of all, the processes that I will tell you is absolutely NOT mine as I have told I am NOT a copywriter, however, I have been greatly influenced by various stalwart copywriters who writes amazing Sales Copies and all my learnings are based on their teachings. There is no qualms in accepting that I have learnt everything by closely following their tips and their secrets. Today, I will open up their secrets in front of you, but at a basic level keeping in mind their sales should not get affected. You have to purchase their book and watch their videos for in depth knowledge.

S.O.U.L product shoot

S.O.U.L is available on, Flipkart & Kindle

Get it here:

I will teach you a mixed process (which is mine) taking the best points from various gurus and present you with a simplistic style that works.

The simplistic 6 steps building blocks is called P. A. S. T. O. R built by my guru Ray Edwards author of the book that goes by the name How To Write Copy That Sells. It is a brilliant book. You can purchase the book from Amazon, the link is in the description below. Not only that with that book you get a lot of templates worth $197 absolutely FREE.

Okay, so let’s understand P. A. S. T. O. R.


Let’s start with the first letter. P stands for problems or pain points. What is or are the problems that you are going to solve for your potential buyers. Your Heading and Subheading should establish that very clearly. Say you are an artist and you want to sell your art to a potential Art buyer from your landing page or funnel. What will your copy say? It can be, Now get rid of your boring walls!
And then you define it. Like, Are you are bored staring at your plain Jane wall? Are you looking to bring happiness, balance, and brightness to your mundane life? you need to bring colors to your walls. (This is just an example. )
The next stage is A for Amplify. Here, you explain to the potential buyer what cost they will pay if they didn’t get this solved. Like if you ignore/delay it, it can get worse. Always remember it is extremely important to establish this step. As the old saying goes ‘people will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies.’ As Alex Cattoni (another favorite personality) says about the S hook of Story – Science, and Supposition. However, she explained that in the Indoctrination stage which comes even before the problem stage in her method. But for our process, I suggest bring this to the Amplify stage. Remember, in the Amplify stage you are just amplifying the consequences and NOT solving Problems. That, you will do in your next step.
S that stands for Story or Solution. Here you try to build up a story, how you achieved the benefits or people whom you know achieved the benefits. How their problems were addressed. Tell them how you found the answer or how your product or solution solved the problem.
Next comes T or testimony. It is like it worked for them, it will work for you. Let the users or patrons say their stories, how your product/ service solved their problems.
Now, once you have established the benefit, it is your turn to offer your products and services to them.
Step O. Remember, your offer are always the benefits and not the physical good or service. Many people make a mistake here. It is always what are your paintings benefits. And not that you will be providing them a Canvas of so and so size painted with Acrylic ink. Hope you understood the drift.
After O comes the last step R or Response. This is where the user takes the Call To action. Wherefrom they can buy the product or services or what they can do to acquire the product and services.

Please remember, there is no skipping any one of the steps. All have to be followed. And usually in that sequences.
I would like to mention two extremely important elements that act as catalysts in a buying process a) a social proof, You must have seen that in many e-commerce sites or sales funnel often a small ticker or popup floats up from the left bottom side of the page that shows that a person from your location just purchased the product or service. What this does is gives you comfort as a buyer that you are not alone purchasing this product, you are not the first person, there are similar people who are also purchasing the same product or service. b) urgency/scarcity: Where you create a pseudo situation of more demand than supply. A restriction like only 15 people allowed in class, only one product left, or only 2 tickets left. If done right it can work wonder without being like pushy.

Another thing that works great if you are trying an absolute niche product or service in the market and there is a need to establish a trust that the end-user has nothing to lose, you can try putting a risk reversal component in your sales letter or funnel page. Like a 30 days return guarantee. No question asked etc. That immediately brings trust in the mind of the buyer that you are so confident with your product.

Apart from the set 6 steps process always understand. Your copy should ooze confidence but never over-promise. That might backfire badly and hurt your product before it is launched, Let me give you an example. Suppose you go to a doctor A and he says to try these three pills and I think you will be ok. Or you go to a doctor who says I am giving you just 3 pills and you have to take these thrice a day and come back after a week, I am sure you will be fit by then. Which doctor you will choose? Or reply more? Obviously the B-one right? That’s persuasive copywriting. As John E . Kennedy said, Copywriting is simply salesmanship in print. (now in digital mode)

So, That’s all folks. If you have liked the video please like, share, and comment on the video. If you are new to this channel, please subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon so that you can get notifications of all our upcoming updates. I would like to see great copies from all of you who want to sell their product or services through a landing page or sales funnel. Remember, Funnel or the page is just a facilitator. The main important part is a) The confidence YOU have in your product or services b) The persuasive copy that will force users to purchase your product immediately.

With that note, stay safe and goodbye till we meet again.

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Rapid Video Creation- Videos that Engage – inVideo

Rapid Video Creation- Videos that Engage – inVideo

Being a Youtuber and an influencer is so much fun. Isn’t it? You can feel the power as a creator. You get the adrenalin rush when you conceive a new product ( a video or a post) and dish it out to your followers and subscribers who wait eagerly for your latest uploads.

Well, once his uncle advised a teenager Peter Parker a.k.a our friendly neighborhood Spiderman that, “With Great Power Comes Great responsibility”. True to the words of the noble gentleman, an influencer has a huge responsibility for their followers. Hence, it becomes extremely important to roll out quality posts or videos every time. Else, you will find your subscribers dropping or you are losing your followers. But many times we have to rush with our productions right?

Let me share a small incident that happened a couple of days back. Well, I forgot to tell you that I have recently published my fiction, called S.O.U.L ( Stories Of Ur Life) which thanks to my stars became #1BestSelling novel on Amazon. Ok.ok. Let’s cut the carp. Sorry for bragging. Let’s get back to the story. I was supposed to get interviewed by a book-critic-guild and, I was already on my way to the studio. Mid-way I suddenly get a call from this book reviewer asking me for a promotional video to be sent to her within half an hour. That was a last-minute decision they took. And, I was clean bowled. Usually, I create all my videos, and edit with either Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere and believe me it is extensive editing. It requires huge resources like high processing speed, higher RAM capacity, and super-powered Graphics cards. And here, I am stuck in my car just with a Mac Book Pro, which luckily I was carrying in my car.

I opened my Mac and was staring blankly at the screen absolutely clueless what to do when it suddenly stuck to me that I have a Business License of inVideo App. And by God’s grace, that day, luck was with me. I started searching for some images of my novel inside some scattered folders on the laptop. I found some good images, and some I downloaded from my Facebook account. I powered on my inVideo App and logged in.

I frantically searched for “book promotion” templates and inVideo threw up a good number of templates. I was spoilt for choices. As time was running out, I quickly selected the best one which I felt at that time and started placing my images and texts. It exactly took 15 mins to create the video from start to finish. Yes, I am not exaggerating. And, once I am done, I gave to render. Usually, a video rendering takes a lot of time and I was a bit skeptical if a cloud renderer can render it fast and in HD quality. But then came the biggest surprise. The entire 60 sec HD video got cloud rendered in 5 mins flat.


No sooner I was trying to give a pat on my back and marveling this beauty of an app, I get a call from the same organizer that now they plan to share the same video on multiple platforms and various screen sizes. I started negotiating with them that this should have been told to me earlier and how come they are so un-prepared and taking last-minute calls. But, people in our industry know, how things happen in an ad-hoc manner.

Grumbling and cursing them in my mind, I even thought once to cancel the interview and return home, but before doing so, I wanted to give it a try. Suddenly, the light-bulb moment occurred to me. I remembered that inVideo gives the option to create the same video in multiple sizes. And without much ado, I started speed creating the same video in multiple sizes, and in almost no time I was able to create the video in multiple formats for all platforms and share them with the organizers.

Forget the relief I achieved, I was pleasantly smiling in myself seeing the awed faces of the organizing team. They were pleasantly flabbergasted, by my super-speed revert to their demand. Really that time inVideo saved the day. Since then on various occasions, inVideo saved me with Quick and Quality, Urgent video deliveries. At present, I am a super-user of inVideo and I congratulate myself every time for making the decision to subscribe inVideo.

For those who are in the Video-Marketing field must have heard about this online App, for others, inVideo looks like any other online template-driven Video creation App, that can help anyone create videos easily. However, in the core it has an AI-driven mechanism that helps you chose the best template for your project, it auto-corrects flaws in the video, suggest the best audio and text templates for the video and hold your breath, the AI is so strong that it can even suggest a video template for your Blogs.

Surprised? You must try out the FREE online version if you don’t believe my words, and if you are convinced, you can try out the Business or Unlimited plan as low as 10$/month.

You can try out or purchase inVideo from here



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Change Your Office for just $14 (as low as 1000 INR)

Change Your Office for just $14 (as low as 1000 INR)

Let us be absolutely clear that this Lockdown, Semi-lock down, or No lockdown ( for specific days) situation is going to stay. We have to live with it.

The scare of Pandemic and business hitting all-time low has made people move out from their rented offices or shared spaces in a huff. The shared spaces or rented office spaces had no other options but to either close business or take excessive precaution albeit with an exorbitant rise in rent charges.

And then came the decisions of various governments not to push employees to work in the office premises but groom them to a new working style i.e. Working from home. I won’t say the extremely cliche term work from home has become the new normal, but whether I want it or not, Work From Home is here to stay. Whether we like it or not, the Office has entered our bedroom. However, home is home. It has its own aura and own setting. Hence it has become a major issue in various cases that people do not want to turn on their Video just because they do not want to show their home background.

Hence, most of the Zoom, Microsoft team of Google meetings seems like talking to the wall, where we cannot see the face of the opposite person.

Well, as we always agree that necessity is the mother of all creation and challenges only brings out business opportunities. Think over a possibility when you can change your working environment, well every day, or maybe every minute? Sounds just impossible right? If I now say that it cost as low as only $14? Well, you might think the pandemic has taken over me.

Not at all.
has come up with a unique solution that literally made me sit up and take notice. I couldn’t resist but had to write this blog.

Heybackgound has started with an awesome solution of presenting you with a collection of unique backgrounds for all your Zoom Calls, Microsoft Team Calls, or Google Meetings. And it just comes at a ONE TIME price of INR 1000 ( $14) plus taxes.

5 steps of design thinking

Sounds exciting right? I have always felt any product or services, however, small it might be if it solves people’s problems, it is the best product. You take money from me. 

I think organizations can also try and share these backgrounds to their employees so that they can use them while on call. 

So, no more hesitation to turn on the video or not. Use these wonderful backgrounds and take your calls from anywhere in the world. Literally.

Kill on sight, Kill on Sight, Kill on Sight

Looking for a professional background for your Conference calls? Worry not.

Get it here:  

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Visual Thinking For Business Part 4 – Decision Making

Visual Thinking For Business Part 4 – Decision Making

Hi Friends,


Today I will start with a story. One of the biggest decision-making failures happened when Kodak made the choice of not to commercialize the digital photography technology that it invented in the ’80s because it feared that it will destroy its film sales. Well, Kodak filed for bankruptcy in 2012.


Kodak Logo


Why did I start today’s episode with this story? Well, you all guess by now. Today’s topic of Visual Thinking for business is Decision Making


Hi there, this is Tridib and you are watching a Brand new episode of Learn with Tridib – Decision Making.


Before I start today’s episode I would definitely want to ask you all how you are coping up in this lockdown situation. How is your business doing? Hope all members of your family and loved ones are safe and healthy. Do take the utmost care for them.


So, let’s dive in to see what we have in today’s episode. But before that, I would like to request you to like, share and comment on this video. If you are new to this channel kindly Subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon to get instant notifications.


We all make decisions. Right? Almost every day. Some of them are life-changing choices, while some are not so important ones like which dress to wear for a party or what to order from the menu. Well… If you are aware of the technology world, nowadays bots are also helping us to decide, what the pundits call as Artificial intelligence or AI. Whether it is an opportunity or threat we will discuss in a separate video, not today, but we are all certain that we do not want to make a wrong choice.


The way we visualize and structure information has a clear effect on the outcome of a decision-making process. Visual thinking gives us a great opportunity to improve decision making Processes.
When discussing decision making process what comes in our mind first is, who does the decision making? When and where does it occur and what actually happens in a decision making process.


Well.. Decision making in an organization happens around its structure.


Typically the top level managements like the CEO, CFO, COO, takes the organizational decision making calls. However, everyday working process decisions are taken by even managers and team leads.


Decision making mostly happens in formal management team meetings. It can happen weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on levels of decision making.


Also, adhoc decision making can also happen when daily teething problems need to be decided.


Typically business decision making is supported by fact-based techniques to rationalize decisions and reduce the limitations of human nature.


Rational decision making involves 3 steps:
1)determine your objectives,
2) evaluate the options and
3) select the best option(s)


Care should be taken to reduce the chances of spaghetti thinking. We have to also be careful about the feasibility, acceptability, suitability and profitability of each decisions.


Today I will talk about 3 of my favourite visual thinking techniques that can help any organization looking for decision making Processes.


The first of the techniques is Thinking Hats


The 6 Thinking Hats concept was designed by Edward de Bono.


This asks everyone to look through the same hat together in a particular sequence.


This avoids the natural tendency for mixed or muddled spaghetti thinking. Like one person drops his creative idea – green hat, someone reacting emotionally – red hat, or someone thinking objectively – white hat.


You can also group the hats for cross pollination like optimistic or pessimistic.


After people gets used to these hats, their engagement increases. It also removes ego and reduces confrontations.


OCT or Option Comparison Table is a great technique that allows us to see large amount of information about various options simultaneously.


It also helps us to group and compare and see relationships between the attributes


It allows us to use symbols, color or types of filling to make the comparisons more intuitive.
(like smilies, Harvey balls, traffic lights etc.)


I will draw and show you various ways to compare.


A) Harvey balls,
B) Like, Dislike
C) Ratings
D) Calendar days/Months
E) right or wrong
F) battery/ energy level
G) Hot or Cold
H) Emoticons or Smilies


This is how a typical Option Comparison Table is drawn


Well this one, many of us are already aware of. A decision tree is a great way of visualizing potential options and their consequences.


It is often used to provide decision makers with guidance or even a protocol


We first have to identify the key decision we want to make and phrase it as question. This is the root node.
Each path from the root node describes future sequences. Like did my prospect reach my funnel? If yes did they purchase my product? If yes send them thank you mail immediately or if they saw but didn’t purchase then put them in a separate email list and retarget them. Decision tree also helps us in determining the budget needed in each steps. By analyzing a decision tree we can very well find out which path needs to be tweaked.


So that’s all folks. Hope we have learnt something new today. See you in a brand new episode of Learn with Tridib soon where I will cover How to explore markets and collect customer insights.
If you liked the video please please like share and comment on the video.
If you are new to this channel please Subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to hit the bell icon so that you can get all notifications instantly.

Thanks again for watching this video. Stay safe and sound. Keep learning and keep watching Learn with Tridib. Good bye.

The Https:// YouTube channel has other similar video clips concerning visual thinking for your business model, visual thinking strategies and visual note-taking Please check them out: .


Now that you have viewed my video about Visual Thinking for Business -Decision Making did it helped? Please ‘like’ the YouTube video to help other individuals looking for visual thinking for your business model or visual thinking strategies 🙂

Translated titles:

?Visual Thinking for Business-Toma de decisiones?-El mejor video de toma de decisiones para el

Visual Thinking for Business-Decision Making?-Meilleure vidéo d’aide à la décision pour la p Thinking

Visual Thinking for Business-Tomada de Decisão Decision-Melhor vídeo de tomada de decisão

व्यापार के लिए ?Visual थिंकिंग-निर्णय लेन

Think التفكير البصري للأعمال-صنع القرار?-أفضل فيديو لات

Business ব্যবসায়ের জন্য ভিজ্যুয়াল চিন্তা – কিভাবে বিসনেস ডিসিশন নেওয়া হয় ?

企业的视觉思维-决策?-视觉思维的最佳决策视频 ?

Pemikiran Visual untuk Bisnis-Pengambilan Keputusan?-video Pengambilan Keputusan Terbaik hunt ?

Vizualizare pentru afaceri-Luarea deciziilor-Cel mai bun videoclip pentru luarea deciziilor pent

Business வணிகத்திற்கான விஷுவல் திங்கிங்-ம

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How to play an Interactr Video Fullscreen

How to play an Interactr Video Fullscreen

Hi Friends,

Video Marketing has become the only constant in our lives. Global Digital marketing experts have estimated that on average an American is exposed to around 9000 ads each day. If the recent trends need to be considered then on an average the same target audience is bombarded with more than 7000 videos or video-based ads. Hence, Video is nothing new. It has become the new normal.

Video Marketing is Changing and How? Today no one wants to just consume videos one way. They want to get involved, experience the videos by being part of it. They have their opinion and wants to have their way of ending a video.

That’s when enters Interactr Evolution, Evolution Pro, and Agency Club membership. Interactr Videos give you the capability to make your videos interactive. A big shout out to the Interactr team You guys have done a phenomenal job.

In this video, you will learn how to play Interactr Videos Fullscreen. This is the best-kept secret of Interactr Evolution which no one ever thought would exist.


You can get Interactr from here:

Please also watch some of the Video Marketing services from my company


To view other Interactr tutorials please watch this playlist:

This video SEO is guided by TubeBuddy:
This VIDEO is also supported by VidIQ a fantastic program to optimize and make your channel successful. I will recommend both these programs to you all if you want to make your YouTube channel successful.

Please watch: “How to create Prezi style Presentation with PowerPoint using new zoom tools?”


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